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Is Something You Ate Sabotaging Your Health?

Published April 27, 2017

Balance Your Hormones with a Customized Diet

Could a hormonal imbalance be responsible for your current weight? If you’ve been trying to drop a few pounds, and they just won’t come off, then the answer is likely yes. Fluctuations in your hormone levels can contribute to difficulty shedding belly fat, weight gain, feeling sluggish, craving unhealthy foods, and problems with general health. Along with how much you eat and work out, what you eat is an integral part of both your weight and your overall health. By minimizing unhealthy foods like sugar and processed carbs and filling up on healthy foods like lean proteins and all the vegetables your mother told you to eat, you can help to reset your hormones and boost your metabolism. As a bonus, you’ll have more energy and feel better. And with the right guidance, you can find just the right formula that works for your body. Read more…

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  • When I came to Dr. Lee 4 years ago I was in a terrible state: I was always tired, had a hard time sleeping, was completely intolerant of the cold, my hair was falling out, I had very little zest for life and had to push myself through my daily responsibilities. I had a total hysterectomy at 30 years of…Read More
  • I have spent 3 years taking care of my parents until their deaths in 2012. My father passed away from Alzheimer’s which had been very traumatic for the whole family. So I started looking for answers. I figured there had to be a better way. I was experiencing some health issues, thin hair, weight gain, not Being able to sleep at…Read More


June 25, 2018

What May Be Causing Excessive Night Sweating

When we wake up in a sweat, we usually have something to correlate our perspiration to: nightmares, high temperatures, too many blankets, etc. When none of those things seem to […]

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