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Do You Look Older Than You Are?

Published November 27, 2017

6 things that are causing you to age way too fast

Everybody gets older, whether they want to or not. After all, it’s better than the alternative, as they say. And while aging is natural and beyond your control, how well you age is something that you have some degree of control over. There is more to growing older than just time passing you by. How you live and what you do with your body both play a strong role in how you look and feel as you grow older. In other words, eating a healthy diet can give you more energy and slow down the appearance of wrinkles. And just imagine what would happen if you worked out a bit more. Indeed, eating right and working out are some of the best ways to slow down the aging effects. You might have inherited your family’s legendary premature gray hair, but you don’t have to inherit premature wrinkles to go along with it. There are ways to keep your health intact as you age. Read more…

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  • When I came to Dr. Lee 4 years ago I was in a terrible state: I was always tired, had a hard time sleeping, was completely intolerant of the cold, my hair was falling out, I had very little zest for life and had to push myself through my daily responsibilities. I had a total hysterectomy at 30 years of…Read More
  • I have spent 3 years taking care of my parents until their deaths in 2012. My father passed away from Alzheimer’s which had been very traumatic for the whole family. So I started looking for answers. I figured there had to be a better way. I was experiencing some health issues, thin hair, weight gain, not Being able to sleep at…Read More


October 19, 2018

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